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Bisexual Crossdresser Fucked By Roommate – II

Previously: Bisexual Crossdresser Fucked By Roommate – I

I had convinced myself to confront him and tell him about my fantasies and persuade him to treat me like his sex slave, a whore. The tremendous power and his passionate kisses made me think like a whore and give up the control to Raj. After two days, he came back to home from his trip. But I was afraid of him and decided not to tell anything.

Maybe this could be a bit of an awkward situation for both of us. Hence, I decided not to tell anything to him about that night. As far as I don’t want to think about to the situation the more I end up thinking that night of that passionate kisses. Then the terrific idea born in my mind. I made a plan to do all the thing I was fantasizing about all this year.

Raj has the habit of not remembering anything happened last night because of his drinking problem. I made a plan to take advantage of his habit. I planned that whenever he came back home next time late in the evening totally drunk situation I would recreate the same situation as of that night and again he will think about his girlfriend and try to overpower upon me.

Then I can satisfy all my fantasies as I want and next day he will not remember anything about that night. I can make him hit me, love me or even fuck me as hard as he wants. Later that evening he was going out with his college friends for drinks. That evening I have decided to prepare myself for the exciting night I am going to have with Raj.

I was preparing to be like his girlfriend which was not that difficult as anyways he will be going to think me as his girlfriend, Nisha. I decided to attached my penis and my balls to my stomach so that his not going to find out any loopholes in his imaginary girlfriend he will about to fuck later in that night.

I had also made some soft boobs with cotton and attached it to my chest to fake it like real boobs. I had attached my long hair wig to my original hair with pins so that even the force of him will not make it lose and pulling of my hair by him make the real effects on my head. I wore the one of my other sexy nighty which I like the most and wear it only on special occasions of happiness.

This one is the sluttiest one. Then I slip over my black pantyhose which my legs even sexier than ever. I was desperately waiting for the Raj to come home and made me his slave. I was looking a complete whore in that nighty. The thoughts running through my mind like what if someone else came instead of Raj. Obviously, no one could leave the hot meat in front of him.

Even a sober man also take my full advantage in that situation. The time is passed and then he came back to home. I was hiding behind my room door to make sure that the person is Raj only. So that if anyone else was there then I can save myself from any other issues. The door opens and there he was. Here was Raj in his usual condition, totally drunk.

I came out of my room and run to him. I said “Raj, are you okay?? Don’t worry Baby I am here. I am not going anywhere. I never left you again.” And I hugged him as if I was Nisha. He holds me and starts crying seeing his girlfriend is back. He started kissing me more passionately than before on that day.

And the night begins as I was fantasizing about. He started kissing my lips and biting my lips. He has put his tongue deep inside my mouth. I was also passionately kissing him. While kissing, he has both his hand on my butt and started squeezing them. It was one of my excited movement where he uses his strong hands on my hand.

This makes me hornier and I was started kissing him more passionately like I was going to fucked by him last time. He then started using his hands on my fake boobs. He crushing them like hell. It was fake but I have to make them real so I started moaning with his each crushing like they were my real boobs.

He was now kissing my neck and my stomach area above my nighty. It feels so good when he kissing my neck and throwing his warm breath on my sensitive area. I was moaning in the pleasure. He was so much drunk that he was not in the mood of more foreplay.

Hence, he stopped and started again kissing me while holding my hands with his great force behind my back. His domination just killing me in the pleasure. He wants to fuck me as soon as possible and as hard as he can. He took me to the bed and throw me on the bed like I am some animal.

He then started undressing. He was completely naked and I can see his penis hanging out there. It was 8” inches long in very thick. It was solid hard which about to fuck my ass. He then came to me on the bed and pull my hair towards him. He pushed his penis into my mouth and start trying to deep fucking it. I was in a hell as this was my first time I was giving blowjob to someone.

Certainly, I didn’t see this one is coming. He pushed harder it in my mouth. It was good but very stinking because of the entire day’s smell of his pissing. I was choked to death by him. He was using his all power to push it hard. I was also enjoying my first blowjob. After some time, the smell of the piss and the sperm makes me hornier.

This was gone about 15-20 minutes when he finally cum into my mouth. I enjoying each drop of it and swallow it. After my mouth fuck, it was the time to intense intercourse. As he was thinking me as if his girlfriend I told him to fuck me today in the asshole as I was on my period and also not to touch my pussy. He totally bought my made up the story.

He has now turned me around and asks me to lay on my back. I asked him to punish me for whatever I did to him by spanking me harder on my butt. He also agreed and take his belt and start hitting me on my butt. He spanked me harder and harder relieving his frustration. Each stroke made me cry.

I was screaming in pain. It was my fantasy to serve my master in whatever way he wants and feel the pain he wants to give me. This pain gives me pleasure. Hence, with each stroke of hell, I was feeling the pain and enjoying the pleasure from it. Those were about 30 strokes. Finally, he stopped and started licking my asshole. He was playing with his tongue on my asshole.

This feels like heaven when he was licking my ass. I enjoyed the entire movement and wished it to never end. Now the real session was about to start. Raj has big and thick 8’ inches penis. I was known that my tiny asshole would never bear the pain of the drunken man’s penis. I lubricated by an asshole and his penis with the lubricant.

I had also bought a penis ring from the online seller. This can be placed around a penis, usually at the base, primarily to slow the flow of blood and thus maintaining an erection for a much longer period of time. This will slow down the erection of Raj. I place it in the right area as describe in the manual.

The real fucking was started. He has placed his penis in the opening of the hole and started stroking into my ass in one go. This man was totally drunk and not in a sense of what was hurtful to the other person. He started pushing it so harder into my ass that I almost screamed. The pain was hell. He has grabbed me in such a way that I could not be able to move.

He pushed it harder. When I resisted in the pain he holds my hands behind my back. Now I was not even protesting the pain. I was screaming in the pain. After some time, this pain becomes bearable and I feel some sort of pleasure. I was moaning in the pain and enjoying each stroke into my ass.

My ass was on fire but the same is giving me the excellent pleasure I never had in my life. Because of the penis ring, the fucking session was a bit longer than I was expected. The drunken man making my life fucking miserable with each stroke. Finally, he cum into my asshole. With the last stroke, he fell upon me and I was carrying his entire weight on me.

He probably slept after the exhausted session. I have enjoyed it thoroughly as I was the only one who was in his sense while such incredible movement. I was started cleaning the mess around it and put him to his bed properly so that in the morning he cannot realize that something has happened that night.

I took my clothes and move to my room and then I take a hot shower thinking about the sex. In the morning, as usual, Raj didn’t remember anything. I was also acted like nothing ever happened. Then after occasionally I enjoying being Nisha, Raj’s girlfriends. This was my first bisexual experience with Raj.

Thank you, guys, for reading my story. If you enjoyed it please give your comments.

The End.

वैधानिक चेतावनी : यह साइट पूर्ण रूप से व्यस्कों के लिये है। यदि आपकी आयु 18 वर्ष या उससे कम है तो कृपया इस साइट को बंद करके बाहर निकल जायें। इस साइट पर प्रकाशित सभी कहानियाँ व तस्वीरे पाठकों के द्वारा भेजी गई हैं। कहानियों में पाठकों के व्यक्तिगत् विचार हो सकते हैं, इन कहानियों व तस्वीरों का सम्पादक अथवा प्रबंधन वर्ग से कोई भी सम्बन्ध नहीं है। आप अगर कुछ अनुभव रखते हों तो मेल के द्वार उसे भेजें