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Cousin became my sex teacher

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Hello friends, today i am going to share my real life experience with all of you. I will not waste time to write long introduction. My name is Rohit and I am 18 years old. I am sharing my fucking experience with my cousin. It was my college holidays and i came to my maternal village to my Nana – nani. Every one was there to spend their holidays. My aunty, my mother’s sister was also came with her family. She had two kids, i mead two daughters. Her elder daughter was 2 years younger to me. But friends, she was so hot and beautiful. Her shape
was not full grown but she was awesome hot. I found her very sexy and i had different feeling for her. I knew, she was my cousin but ultimately, she was a girl and she was sexy and hot buddy. Her name was Soni. I was eldest among all the kids. I was virgin and never done sex before. But, I heard alot from my friends who already had sex. So, i also wanted to have sex but i was not much lucky to have a girl for myself. I was like leader there for every kid as I was eldest there. We play alot. Those were small kids and used to play kid’s
game. I was not so interested in those kind of game. Soni used to after me everytime. I was getting bore and no one there of my age. We have two houses in village. I was there that day in our another house. It was 2 o’clock in noon. Soni came there. She was wearing frok that time. She came close to me and sat in front of my eyes. Her frok was less length and her unddies was visible to me. She was wearing black colour panty. I was not able to ignore. My dick was erected and became hard by now. I was not able to control myself seeing her
sexy nude legs and thais. I had asked to play doctor – doctor. Normally kids used to play this game. She was ok with it and i had become a doctor. I asked her to lay on floor and started doing her checkup. I had turned around and put my hand inside her panty. Wow friends, what a smooth ass she had. I was enjoying touching her sexy butts. I believe, she had also become horny and she had removed her panty by herself. I was starring her sexy ass. Then, i made her right and i was seeing her sexy nude pussy. It was clean shaved. Wow friends, what
a awesome sexy pink pussy it was. She was also enjoying. Then, i kept my tongue on her pussy and started licking it. She was smiling and laughing. I was not able to fuck her pussy that day as my nana ji called everyone for lunch. But, before going for lunch, i went to bathroom and masturbate on her name. Next day, no one was at home. Only kids were at home. All people had been out from home. We had our food and all kids had been slept. Only I and Soni was awaked. Soni was going for bath. She had removed her frok in front of me. She also
removed baniyaan also. Her boobs were very good. Her boobs were small but very good. I smiled and said – bath here only. No one at home. She was wearing in panty. I was making plan to fuck her. She came after bath and was changing her clothes. She was all naked now. She was looking so hot. She went shorts and got ready. She said – lets play now. We both started playing. We went on second floor and said – lets do some different thing. She was very blunt and said – you want to have sex with me? I was amazed listening this. I said – how
do you know? I said – I had fucked before also. I didn’t knew about that earlier. She was fucked when she was in Lucknow. Then, her friend’s brother fucked her sister and her. Soni’s father was in government job and used to transfer regularly. It happened 2 – 3 years before. She was fucked in early age. But, now she was knew all the sexy games. She knew, it was all wrong but she wanted to be fucked now. I said – i don’t know much about sex. She said – it ok. I had started removing her clothes and made her naked. I also been
naked and now i was sucking her boobs. Her boobs were small like lemon size. But, i was enjoying. She was sucking my dick too. She knew everything about sex. She also asked me to lick her pussy. She was moaning in pleasure ahah ahah ahaha.. shshsh she was enjoying. Then, i had made on floor. I had opened her legs and was pushing my dick in her pussy. But, i didn’t knew that where is pussy? She got me and took my dick in her hand and kept on her pussy. Now, she asked me to stroke. I felt problem in starting but i was enjoying laterly. Her
pussy was normal and opened as she was fucked before. My dick went inside and she was moaning in pleasure ahah ahah ahha oooohohoho hohohoho ooo… I cummed soon as it was my first sex. She was not cummed. She made my dick erected again. Now, she made me slept down on bed. She sat on my dick and was jumping on my dick. I was also stroking from bottom. I was fucking her pussy. I was not believed that a small kid was teaching me to sex. She was kissing me and my dick was going in and coming out from her pussy. I was also sucking her boobs. I
cummed again. She made my dick tight again but i took time this time to be erected. I asked – ever you had asshole fucking? She said – yes. I was fucked in every hole. Then, i made her bitch and then she put my dick on her asshole. Her ass was tight. I was fucking my sister asshole. I was really tired and then, i fallen on bed. We did kissing for 5 minutes and then he had worn our clothes. She said – Brother, i love it. You enjoyed? I said – i also love it. I asked – you had sex alot? She said – no. I said – why you had sex
with me? She said – you were making me nude yesterday and was playing with me pussy and ass. I got that you wanted to fuck me. Then, i had seen you doing masturbate on name also. Then i thought to have sex with you. I know, you want to me fuck more. So, till when we are here, we can have sex everyday. I stayed there for 7 days and i did sex with cousin. My cousin had given me, my first sex knowledge. I said thanks to her before leaving. Neither I nor she had sex with each other but we are good friends now.

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