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Sumanth enjoying sex with neighbour aunty English

Hello everyone im sumanth 26 year old 5.11 height handsome guy born and brought up in Bangalore basaveshwaranagar I completed masters and working in top mnc company which located in Whitefield. This is true story and writing this incident with her (viji) permission but slightly changing names due to security …

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Sex With A Horny Housewife In Bangalore

Hi friends, this is Raj from Bangalore. Iam a Call Boy and have satisfied a lot of ladies with my 8″ cock. Any females wanna feel the ultimate sex life can mail me at [email protected] Ok let me come to the story. This is not a story of my Call …

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Amy The Sex Bomb

Hi all, Rags here. My age is 30 currently married to a girl who is not much interested in sex. I had a girlfriend let’s call her Amy we both had a good intimate relationship. This is true story laced with romance and sex. Brace it up.I started watching porn …

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Ishara Fucked On Birthday By Mahesh

Hey this is mahesh, not that good in English n specially writing, Ishara ( name changed) a normal girl 3yrs elder to me. met her through a social networking site friendship flirted had sex n later found out she was married still continued the relationship as she was not satisfied …

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वैधानिक चेतावनी : यह साइट पूर्ण रूप से व्यस्कों के लिये है। यदि आपकी आयु 18 वर्ष या उससे कम है तो कृपया इस साइट को बंद करके बाहर निकल जायें। इस साइट पर प्रकाशित सभी कहानियाँ व तस्वीरे पाठकों के द्वारा भेजी गई हैं। कहानियों में पाठकों के व्यक्तिगत् विचार हो सकते हैं, इन कहानियों व तस्वीरों का सम्पादक अथवा प्रबंधन वर्ग से कोई भी सम्बन्ध नहीं है। आप अगर कुछ अनुभव रखते हों तो मेल के द्वार उसे भेजें