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I Gave Seductive Massage to Bua: Part 1

Hello guys and girls, I am writing my true experience with my Bua when came to my city. I took care of her, made her relax, massaged her and things went too far. I was a magical night for both of us. Please read our sex stories and tell me if it made you hot!

It is a true story of dream coming true when dreamed day and night for months and years together. I am a Management student staying in Delhi. I belong to Allahabad, the ancient Indian city. I visit my home every semester end.

But this year I stayed in Delhi at the semester end. The reason of this stay was arrival of my Jahnavi aunty, who is the younger sister of my father. She runs an NGO, and she had to come to Delhi for some official work related to govt. grant related works for her NGO. She had come here for 2-3 days but her stay was prolonged for three weeks thanks to government offices’ working style.

My father had told me to support Jahnavi aunty in her stay and work. I shifted to the flat of my cousin at Sarojini Nagar who has gone to Australia for a year. I had shifted there, so that aunty could stay with me and I could help her in stay and work, as she had visited Delhi only a few times in past with uncle on one or two day trip.

This time, uncle was busy with some official work at Allahabad, so she had to come alone. My aunty at the age of 38, and mother of one school going child was really a beauty. Apart from immense beauty gifted by God, she has the ability to maintain her figure and carry herself well. She is a fair complexioned, reasonably tall and gifted with heart shaking big breasts and fleshy buttocks.

She wears saree and her long hairs are always maintained stylishly. She is very sweet to talk with and really is a lady for company. I have a special attraction for middle aged ladies and I always try to penetrate imaginatively inside their saree and petticoat about the slope down the stomach with black pubic hairs and vaginal mounds surrounded by white fleshy thighs with small hairs on it.

I imagine how the vaginal part ends downwards and anal passage starts with fleshy white buttocks with small hairs on it and curves formed at the lower part of buttocks where thighs start. Whenever I used to see Jahnavi aunty in Allahabad had to have wild fantasies hovering in my mind as naturally as water flows down towards lower level surfaces.

But, this was a dream not permitted to be shared with anyone due to sociocultural norms. But as they say the universe conspires to help you if you dream for something constantly and strongly. I received my aunty at New Delhi Railway station, and took her to the cousin’s flat in taxi. Aunty had brought some home-made sweets and pickles for me.

I told aunty to feel comfortable and freshen herself so that we can have breakfast together afterwards and visit some famous places in Delhi. As it was a Sunday, I was free for the day. Aunty went to the bathroom, and after an hour she came out in saree wrapped around her waist in like towel and long wet hairs falling till her waist.

Aunty with droplets of water on her face and partly wet clothes looked at me saying-“Mujhe der to nahin lagee?”I replied-“Nahin aunty, aap aaraam se taiyaar ho jaiyen, phir nashta karten hain.” She said-“Pehle nashta, phir taiyaari, ab bhookh lag gayee.”I kept on looking at her sharp facial features and fair complexioned body with open wide eyes and felt arousal inside me.

My hunger for Jahnavi aunt’s irresistible body was insatiable. Jahnavi aunty also looked at me and my widely open eyes as if trying to read my intentions. I served the breakfast and we both talked about family members in Allahabad, my studies and her NGO over the breakfast. After the breakfast, Jahnavi aunty groomed herself comfortably for visits to places in Delhi.

During all this time, I was looking at aunty on and off so as to hide my staring eyes from hers and I actually made love with aunty in my fantasies in every conceivable way. We went to various places in south Delhi. I kept on explaining to aunty about the history and characteristics of these places, and movement was easy due to Sunday.

In the taxi, and at various stages when we were walking, I had the opportunities to rub my body parts against the body of my darling aunt’s. At one point, my elbow touched one of the breasts of aunty, and its sponginess gave me heavenly feeling. In the evening, aunty proposed to have early dinner to make up for her disturbed sleep in the train and for the next day’s scheduled visit to govt. offices in the morning.

We had the dinner early in a restaurant and came back to the flat. During the dinner, aunty asked me about my life in Delhi and my future plans. She also asked about my plans for marriage and whether I have someone in mind for marriage. On the way back from the restaurant on the back seat of taxi, she made an unusual remark that I have grown up and I should marry soon.

I asked her for the reason behind this remark. She patted on my back grinningly said that mature people can easily read minds of youngsters. I was really aroused with aunt’s pat on my back and I felt that her palm stayed on my back longer than usually a palm stays during a pat. I just wished that aunty has developed interest in me for carnal pleasure.

But my mind dismissed idea considering it as my own fantasy. We came back to the flat, I began to change my clothes and aunty went to another room to change. She came back to my room in her other simple saree saying that she was actually tired after the train journey and visits to South Delhi locations. I asked whether she wanted some medicines.

She said-“Tumhen bhi Dilli ki aadat pad gayee hai har baat per dawaa lene ki.Wahan toh thodi si tel ki maalish aur saraa thakan door ho jaata hai.” I did not know what was inside her mind, but sometimes initiatives must be taken. I asked her-“Aunty, aap kaho to main thodi maalish kar doon, phir aap so jaana.”I was not sure what the response will be.

But I waited for her response holding my breath. And then, my fortune smiled on me in the disguise of her words-“Tum karoge, maalish karna aata hai. Kabhie kisee aurat ki maalish ki hai? Nahin chhod do log kya kahenge.” My reply was-“Aunty, maalish mein expert to nahin hoon, par aapko takleef nahin hogee, aur thakaan bhagaane ka vadaa rahaa.

Yhaan toh bas main aur aap hain, logon ko kaise pata chalega?” She looked at me appreciatively with smile on lips and -“Tumharee management kee padhai ne tumhein hoshiyar bana diya hai, chalo tel lekar aa jao, main isi bed par letee hoon.”I rapidly brought the oil from the kitchen and proceeded for massage.

Aunty had already lied down on the bed on her stomach and she had removed the saree from the upper part of the body. The heavy buttocks of aunty and fair complexioned lower back made me feel like lying down on top of her from the back and fulfill my long awaited desire. I asked aunty with my slightly trembling hand and heavy breathing -“Pehle peeth ka maalish karoon na aunty?”

She said softly-“Yeh light band kar do, zero watt zala do, sharm aa rahi hai, tum ab bade ho gaye ho na.”I instantly switched off the main light and switched on the night bulb.I came back to aunty, and after oiling my hands began to massage her lower back sitting at the edge of the bed. Aunty could sense my uncomforting and probably my heavy breathe and excitement as well.

She said –“Aise kitni der baaithoge? Aaram se upar aakar maalish karo, pura badan karma hai, thakaan tab utregee.”I deliberately rubbed my hand on her soft fleshy buttocks softly over the saree, while moving towards the middle of the bed. Aunty also moved her body towards the middle, and I could sense the friction of her breasts on the bed and the unexpressed lust of my aunty to taste the forbidden fruit with me.

It reminded me of someone’s advice to go slow in preparing a woman for yes. I restarted the massage first gently, then with some pressure in my palms. I brought my hands downward till her saree knot on the waist many times and up to the blouse when moving upward. I felt that it was the right moment for a male’s initiative, and said-“Aunty, aapke blouse mein tel lag rahaa hai, koi pareshani to nahi?”

Aunty was silent for some moments, (probably indecisive) then said-“Hook khol kar blouse hataa do, tel ka daag lag jaata hai.Bra bhi khol hi dena, phir aaram se tel lagaao.” I unhooked the blouse and bra of aunty with trembling hands and heavy breathe. Then, I said controlling my excitement-“Aunty, thoda upar uthaiye kandhon ko, main blouse aur bra ko nikaal doon.”

She lifted the upper part of body saying “Hoon” and breathing heavily. I left no chance of touching her breasts while removing blouse and bra. I started massaging the entire back and purposefully brought my fingers towards her breasts several times. Aunty was definitely knowing it and liking it as well.

Aunty was getting excited, and decided to break the ice by saying-“Chalo aage se bhi chhati ka maalish kar hi do, tumhara maalish bada mazedaar hai.” She turned on the bed and now she was on her back on the bed. In the light of night bulb our eyes were comfortable and it was easier to rebel against social values.

Now I separated my legs spreading it in opposite directions and sat on the waist of aunty with both her breasts being fondled, pressed and squeezed by my palms and fingers. My aunt’s excitement was gradually intensifying making her breathing audible, she was puffing softly -“Jor jor se dabao”.

At this juncture, she put her both hands on the back of my head and lowered my head to make our lips meeting. She started kissing me passionately and now we were French kissing our tongues entwined with each other. I was passionately fondling and massaging aunt’s big fleshy breasts.

She was craving for more now and moaned with sexual excitement-“Tumne kaisee aag lagaa dee, ab main sab rishtey naate bhool gayee….oui daiyaa….kyaa kar diyaa…Dilli aayee thee kaam se…ab bhatije se karwane lagee…Chalo meree saree petticoat bhi hatao. “I wasted no time and removed her saree and petticoat, and then asked-“Aunty panty bhi utaar doon?”

Now she was hot, shameless her brazen. She shouted-“Hataoge nahin to kyaa uske upar se karoge…hataa do usko bhi….badan mein aag lag gayee…ab kar de nangi aunty ko…..hey ram… bardast kyon nahin hota…jaldi karo mere raja….ab sabr nahin hotaa.” I made my aunty completely naked. In the soft light of night bulb, I could see the dense black curly pubic hairs around aunt’s vagina.

I began first fondling and then licking her vagina.I was also rubbing her clitoris. I started licking and sucking her cunt inserting my tongue in her hole. Aunty was uncontrollably moaning sexual sounds of excitement-“Ooooh…….Ooooh……chuso…..aur chuso….Oooh.” She started squeezing her breasts herself and shaking her buttocks upward and downward saying-

“Aag lag gayee…oooohhh…ooohh…..ab chodo apni bua ko…aur mat tadpao…ab tum bhi lund jaldi nikalo baahar….aur mat tadpao…”I came towards aunt’s face and removed my trousers. Aunty caught my hard penis over my underwear and started removing my underwear fanatically. I removed my underwear and threw it carelessly on the floor.

Story is Continued on Part 2

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