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Ishara Fucked On Birthday By Mahesh

Hey this is mahesh, not that good in English n specially writing, Ishara ( name changed) a normal girl 3yrs elder to me. met her through a social networking site friendship flirted had sex n later found out she was married still continued the relationship as she was not satisfied husband n me 26 yr old normal guy with a normal dick.

It was her birthday last month ( we don’t talk much NW a days ) I wished her at 12 n asked for a birthday party which she first denied and later agreed booked tickets for me to Bangalore as she works there. I reached there in the morning I already had reservation in a hotel and I informed her that I reached.

As she will come after work only so I had nothing to do so I just watched TV had few pegs and just killed time. In the evening she came all tired n we went to a restaurant as it was her party the choice was hers we just had food n just small chit chats she wanted to reach back to my room as she wanted to take rest so we just came back n once at the room she just went to freshen up.

As she came out she just lied in bed saying her body is paining and I suggested her for a massage (I am kind of a good massager). She readly aggreed and I was excited as I am gonna see her after a pretty long time (and also gonna touch a girls body after pretty long time). Without anything saying itself she got nude and put the towel in bed n lied on it.

I had put the can of olive oil( which I carry with me always ) in hot water so that can get it light hot. She had lied upside down n I could see the stretch marks clearly I love touching those marks. Soft skin n in btwn those stretch marks. I took out my track pants n shirt n just sat on her bum without giving much weight on her and started massaging her shoulders.

My little guy was had and was pocking her ass. She commented about it too I took the oil and it was little hot and applied on her bare back and started massaging she felt good and I went from shoulders to spines and then legs and down till knees and finally to her ass poured little oil in her ass crack and put my finger there she started breathing heavily.

S slowly applied oil then and to both buns. Then slapped it continuesly she started moaning. She turned around and wanted to kiss me but I stopped her and told later. Then I took more oil to hand made her lie facing roof applied on her chest area first without touching boobs I applied all around it and then poured little oil around her navel area

as it was still hot and her stomach area was bit sensitive she again started breathing heavily. I put little pressure and started applying oil in stomach area and sides then I took oil in my Hand and applied on her boobs, I squeezed them and a “ohhhh….” Came out from her mouth.

I wanted it slow (as I love passion the. Roughness more) then I pinched nipples and rotated my finger around it slowly and massaged full boobs then went down to her thighs. I purposely left inner thighs area and applied oil rest of the leg as it came to end of toe I made her keep her legs on my chest so that I can massage her leg properly.

She started to play with her leg on my chest hairs. So I stopped massaging legs took her arms licked her arm pits first then applied oil in her arms bited her finger and properly massaged her finger. Then I again took her legs sucked it’s finger kissed the plam and then applied oil there too.

The only places left was her inner thighs n face I just went between her legs parted her leg and opened her pussy and started licking there. With this sudden action she started moaning “oooohhhhh fuck…… ” And holded my hair tight and made me eat her pussy and she was continuesly saying lots of things along with moaning “ohhhh yes ohhhh yes eat me more”

then I inserted one finger too and licking continued with this she lost her control and orgasmed.s he holded my head there n I was happy to drink her juice. She lied still I took little oil and applied it on her pussy and inner thighs she was expecting me to insert her. But still I wanted her to wait and then went up and kissed her as our saliva mixed and her juice taste was awesome.

I lied near her she wanted to massage me ( actually tease me n take revenge) she took oil and sat on my underwear legs both side it was rock hard she was nude and then she sat on it tho you can just expect how it would be. She started applying oil on my chest and she was moving her hip as she applied oil. Then she started to pinch my nipples and tickle me with her oily hand.

She stood up and took made me completely nude and just took oil and applied it on her hand then she just holded my thighs and took my dick in her mouth ( she was pro at it as we had a session before at my house n I never got such bj from anyone else till date) and she was sucking me to the core make me do the big Oz she stopped all of sudden and with her oily hand

she started to strock it hard and fast the feeling was new I screemed that I am gonna cum so she just took the mushroom of my dick to her moth n did some magic with her tounge I cummed a load and she drank it full and smiled to me. She just got up and walked in to washroom on the heater again and with light hot water we took bath.

We took bath playing with each others body and then we came back to bed lied nude looking up to the roof. She again came in to me kissed me I responded back then slowly my hand went to her boobs n started squeezing them. Then I came down to her neck kissed there licked her ears and again came down and started eating her nipples up.

I circled my tounge around her nipple keeping my teeth around it she started moaning AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH n started breathing fast. I took care of both boobs equally and further went down her navel licked around it and kissed there then I again went to her hair less clean shaven pussy it was so wet I placed a kiss on it,

it’s Smell was welcoming n taste was yummy I slowly opened my mouth n placed my tounge around pussy and started licking from to to bottom she stopped me in few minutes and she got up sat on my face and said ” now you eat me full” as I started licking her she started moaning hard (her moans n words in bed are always energy giving) I started licking more and more and eating her clitoris.

She had her orgasam n that went completely in to my mouth. She turned around I continued liking her and nw we were in 69 position I kept on licking her and her bj was giving me more kick. We continued it for sometime and then she said enough she wanted to ride now.

So she herself adjusted on my pole as she was super wet it went slowly inside her was that feeling is unexplainable tight hot wall and she slowly started moving up ( I like woman taking charge, to be submissive) and down saying ” ohhhh yes ohhhh yes fuck me… Fuck me hard… ”

Then she turned to doggy position and started fucking her it was her favourite position she had multiple orgasam and mine was building too so I fucked her from behind with more power keeping my finger on her asshole I started fucking faster aaahhhhhhhhhh… uhhhhhhhhh… Fuck me faster faster harder…

I cummed all of a sudden so I slowed down but she wanted more so she made me lick her pussy again it was weird taste my cum her juice sweat and all I fingered and kept on licking her with two fingers and my tongue. Mine was still erect so I again inserted her in missionary position and kept fucking her for sometime.

Then I took her legs on my shoulders and started fucking her deep and hard which she liked the most and she asked for more “”” oooohhhhh yyesssss baby, more deeper, I am liking it ohhhhhhh yyyyaaaaaahhhhhh yes yes yessssssssss” and she cummed again. I was tired she was tired we slept off for sometime it was already late.

While I got up she was not there she had already went I saw little money my return bus ticket and a small note writing ” thanks for the night “. Waiting for next chance to be with her. Sorry for making it long if boring I am sorry it’s a real life incident with little spice up here and there. Feel free to comment below and let me know your opinion.

वैधानिक चेतावनी : यह साइट पूर्ण रूप से व्यस्कों के लिये है। यदि आपकी आयु 18 वर्ष या उससे कम है तो कृपया इस साइट को बंद करके बाहर निकल जायें। इस साइट पर प्रकाशित सभी कहानियाँ व तस्वीरे पाठकों के द्वारा भेजी गई हैं। कहानियों में पाठकों के व्यक्तिगत् विचार हो सकते हैं, इन कहानियों व तस्वीरों का सम्पादक अथवा प्रबंधन वर्ग से कोई भी सम्बन्ध नहीं है। आप अगर कुछ अनुभव रखते हों तो मेल के द्वार उसे भेजें