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My Husband likes Desi Sex and me also

I had very less interest in the sex, especially desi sex; and when I get married then I found my husband asking me for the desi sex every day. He used to tell me that many newly married couples used to have sex three times a day but I was not ready to believe. One night he was in full mood and I was having no more interest and asked him to go to another woman as I was not at all in any mood to give him my body. This would be a really surprise for any husband if wife allows him to go for desi sex somewhere else.

He showed me as he was really going out to find someone out. I did not stop him but soon I saw that when he reached at the door he came back and said that it is night so not now and then he went to sleep next to me. I felt relaxed but that was not actually as he took out his lower cloth and has started making jerks on the bed. I saw his hard penis but my mood was really not allowing me to go to him.

I turned on another side and when he saw me turned then he started making some moaning sound and also started taking the names of some top actress with their size of boobs and everything. He kept jerking but I looked in no mood. I finally slept but suddenly I found that he is still making the jerks in the sleeping mode. I laughed and he looked in deep sleep so I wanted to see the condition of his hard penis. He was jerking slowly in that condition.

I took my hands help in making him turn a bit and then I saw his penis was really very hard and it was really looking huge and hard like an iron rod. No my pussy got wet in it and then I felt bad as he is supposed to fuck me only and it is his sincerely that he is not going to another woman. It is also my duty when he is in enjoying mood to make him get the best enjoyment.

I really looked changed and then I kissed him. He was really in deep condition so I thought of giving him a surprise. I get naked and played myself with my boobs and then sucked a bit of his hard penis. Then I sat on his hard penis and started slowly to make jerks. He was still in sleep but he was moving his hip in jerking way and finally I had started fucking him faster. He was so desperate for the desi sex.

Soon he woke up and when he saw me naked on top of him, he said nothing but started jerking very hard inside my pussy. He was really very hard in me for the first time as it has never been so hard penis experience for me. He fucked me in the different positions but his penis remained very hard for a longer time.

It was making my pussy to feel him in a much better and harder way. That was almost dawn as we kept fucking for a longer time. I had finished earlier but he was making hard strokes to get the best enjoyment from me which he finally got….Did you liked my desi sex, have you had any desi sex like this, write to me in your comments.

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