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Office cab driver got lucky: Part 1

Hey guys, I am writing my unforgettable cab experience and it would probably be the best sex story that you would read for a while. Its a sex story about how the situations put me on plat before the cab driver. Girls, you will wet your panties, I swear, I did. Now, coming to the story

The work at office was hectic. I looked at the time on the office clock. 11:15 pm. I had a customer message to solve. I had started working from 8 am in the morning and I was dead tired. At 11:15 in the middle of the night I couldn’t understand a single line of code written by me, let alone trying to figure out other’s code. It all looked like matrix stuff. Something went wrong with our software bought by our customer.

Probably some smart ass changed some lines of code and the entire program went into infinite loop and now it’s up to me (offshore team as they would call it) to save the world here.  I looked around from my cubicle…Emptiness. An array of empty tables and chairs, monitors, phones, white boards filled with threatening undecipherable algorithms, empty conference rooms where fiery heated discussions and exchange of ideas from one brain to another had taken place were

Now the only silent spectators to my quest to solve these bugs tonight. No living creature in sight near and far. Probably they were all sleeping comfortably in their bed. My manager had a heart made of pure 24 carat solid stone. He left sharp at 5 pm in his newly bought SUV to avoid traffic. But before leaving he sends his last e-mail addressed to me cc’ing the customer that the issue will be solved by EOD no matter what. (Of course end of day meant that my day should only end when the issue is solved even if it

Took me whole night and the next day morning to finish this. He came by my seat before leaving and gave me his dumb smile. He did not have a clue what the issue was but he acted in such a way that if the issue had it been addressed to him he cud have solved it in 10 mins straight. Hey Tanny, that’s his style of addressing me short form for Tanuja. I think it won’t take long right? Piece of cake for you. I kind a have a feeling that whenever he talks to me he looks at my breasts rather than my face.

With my appraisal just around the corner, I could do nothing but to give him my “Colgate” smile. His stare was still fixed on my breasts. He somehow got back to his senses and forced his eyes to look at my face my lips to be more exact. Mail me the status before you leave. Don’t forget that..ok? I nodded. He smiled again and he left. Here I was now still trying to fix this bug. My neck hurt like hell. My backbone was so strained that it could crumble anytime. My fingers hit the keyboard and it sounded like what?

Typewriters, how hard do they make these keyboard nowadays? My brain had given up on this issue long back but I knew I had to somehow finish this. I went back to debugging. At close to 11:51 on my computer screen I finally figured out the solution. Though it was quite simple. I was in a state of bliss my neural network which understands logic, still works, Thank God for that. I jumped around in my cubicle I would have happily ran naked screaming eureka all around the office but that’s madness. Couple of more years doing coding and I would reach that state too.

Earlier today morning I randomly picked a Shirt and a long skirt for work from my cupboard. I felt so lazy to even choose a proper dress. This shirt was so loose fitting now. That’s cause I had lost a couple of kilos after I joined gym. I weighed 52 now. Pretty ok for my 5 ft 6 inch tall frame. I was 24 now and my mom had put up my new reduced weight picture in some stupid matrimony site along with the older one. Now my matrimony profile looked like some advertisement for some weight reduction program.

Like those Before and After sticker ad’s that you find on some lamp-posts on the roadside. One picture in which I looked kind of plump around my belly area and the other one where I was slim and trim. God save my mom. She gets these stupid calls from some junk punks who consider themselves nothing less than hunks asking for my hand in marriage. Nice try, mister! I reject them outright much to my mom’s disappointment.

Leaving that aside now coming back to the office. Thanks to the cost cutting measures in my company they promptly switch off the damn AC’s at 6 pm. It got so hot that I had removed the top two buttons of my shirt. Though it did no good but I felt a bit relaxed as the air flowed in through the openings on top of my shirt and also through the sides of the sleeves. I wrote a long mail to the customer cc’ing my manager on how complex the issue was. Of course the mail will have the time stamp which means they will know I was up late night.

Happy with today’s work I called the security guard at the gate and asked him to allot me a cab home. We had this late night drop facility if in case some poor girl like me got dumped with work and had to fight all night to solve some nasty godforsaken issues that no one wants to take up. The security called my extension and told me that there were no more official office cabs left so he had to arrange for some local cab service for my drop. It will I take him some time before he could arrange me one.

I just wanted to hit my bed and sleep like a log. I dozed off in my seat. The office phone rang nonstop till my brain sensed some faint sound and ordered myself to come to my senses to pick it up. Hello! I murmured. The security had found me a cabbie that would drop me home at this ungodly hr. My watch read 12:17 am. My house was little far away from office. Takes me 1hr 45 mins to reach home in traffic but today I was hoping to reach in 1 hr at this time of the night. I packed up my stuff.

I took the elevator down to the reception. I signed the register near the gate and the security guard pointed me to a white Tata Indica parked near the gate. I went near the car the front door was open for me to sit. But there was no driver in sight. I sat in the front seat and pressed the horn. Coming, maimsaab. I heard the voice. I saw a man emerging out of the bush. He was taking a leak , Oh bloody hell! In my confusion to get home,

I had forgotten to take a leak myself. Out of the blue my bladders felt heavy as if some unknown force refilled my kidney with urine like those bartenders fill those pitchers with beer automatically when its empty in pubs forcing us to drink more and pay more.. What a stupid comparison to state! I finally decided to hold on to all the liquid waste inside me till I reach home. The cabbie came and sat, closed his door. Touched the feet of a Ganesha’s idol fixed on his front panel and murmured a silent prayer before turning on the ignition.

Nice guy! I confirmed in my mind. Normally they should send a security guard along with me but no one accompanied me today. But this cabbie looked decent with all praying and stuff. I decided not to panic and get some sleep on the way back. I opened the window and leaned back on the seat. Not much comfortable but the breeze started hitting my body and I felt cold as my sweat evaporated. I felt better. I opened window fully.

As he drove faster the wind started hitting me with stronger force. “You can adjust the seat, madam”. The Cabbie spoke. He pointed me to a lever which pulls my seat backwards. Of course I knew about it. I pushed it back and now my seat became a semi sleeper bed. Nice.. I leaned back and closed my eyes tried to get some much needed sleep. But the wind hit me hard. I had not tucked in my shirt, actually my shirt ended where my skirt started. I had not worn any slip inside. I wore a bra.

The wind was trying to lift my shirt up and there was danger of my entire stomach being exposed to the driver. I held on to the shirt hard not allowing it to rise. But the wind was hitting me harder every second. I decided to close the window. I asked the cabbie to put on the AC. Non AC cab madam. Now it was like a toaster inside. Nothing moved. The heat radiated from the engine making me sweat again. There was water in my bag and i drank it in a gulp.

What a stupid thing to do. Shit!!! my bladder gave me an error message now , before it just showed a warning. We techies usually ignore the warning messages blindly. But error messages have to be solved. Now it sounded like a “Stack overflow exception. Where on mother India have you seen a toilet on the highway when you needed one urgently? I prayed to god to make this drive back home faster. I was getting boiled alive inside the car.

I was tired, my eyes were drowsy and I feeling suffocated. The driver never gave a damn about my condition. He kept driving pretending like I never even existed. Can’t blame him, even he wanted to get back home. He looked like someone in mid 30’s, father of 2 small kids probably, No mush thanks!. He did not fit the looks of a psychopath serial killer who hunts overworked, underpaid, bladder full, suffocated, tortured, drowsy programmer on her way back home in the middle of the night. Or did he?

To hell with my thoughts. I decided not to be so paranoid anymore. All I knew was that I will die in here with everything so hot. I decided to open my side of the window. The wind came back and hit my face with full force. I lay back on my seat. The wind now again got back to its previous job of lifting my shirt up. I kept my hand on my stomach. I had to apply some amount of force to keep the shirt from getting lifted. This was draining all my energy. I cursed myself for wearing this shirt today.

I closed my eyes and slowly let the sleep take control of me. My hands started loosening its grip on the shirt. My hands slowly slid away from my stomach, letting the wind take control of my body. I was too tired to resist. I could feel the wind hitting against the bare flesh of my stomach. It actually felt very nice. I had worn the skirt far below my belly button. I knew I had to do something to cover my stomach but the feeling was so powerful that I let the wind touch me all over my stomach. I regained my senses soon,

I was in a state of semi undress. The wind had worked hard and lifted my shirt to the maximum extent possible till above my ribs. My skirt was loosely tied around my waist. I was sure the faint hair growth was surely visible. I immediately pulled down my shirt to cover my navel but the damage was done for sure. How long has this guy seen me like this? I looked at the watch still 12:40. Probably for 7 mins I would have dozed off. I looked at the driver. There were no emotions on his face. Zombie movies would have been inspired by people like him.

Story is continued on Part 2

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