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Office cab driver got lucky: Part 2

I again leaned back to my seat. The driver had also lowered the window at his side. There is no point now fighting with the wind, I relaxed and lay back. The wind immediately lifted my shirt high above revealing my navel. This time i did nothing to pull it down. To hell with the driver. He has seen me in this state before. What’s the point of hiding it now? I tried to relax. Chai? The cabbie spoke again. What chai? He said he was feeling sleepy so needed one to stay awake. I said no.

The thought of chai again made my bladder send a shooting pain to my pussy. I clutched my stomach. He looked at my stomach and then again to my face? Do you have stomach pain, madam? I was actually letting this guy take a free view of my exposed navel now. I said no. The pain in my kidney was unbearable now and reached a stage where I end up dirtying his cab. I gathered up some courage and told him that i wanted to use the toilet urgently.

He looked at my stomach again and said that there is no public toilet anywhere and I should use the bushes like he did. I said no way. I will hold on till we reached. He nodded and continued driving. The feeling was uncontrollable now. I looked at the driver. He said there is a chai stall nearby and he will buy one chai and park the vehicle further away and pretend like he is drinking chai and meanwhile I can go and take my leak by walking little further away from the main road. Sounds intelligent! But will it work?

I asked him to stop where there will be no type of life forms within 1 km radius where I am going to pee. He gave me a disgusted nod. He stopped the car and bought 2 plastic glass filled with chai. He asked me to hold it. He told me even I can have the chai after taking the leak. Whatever, I was dead scared now. Considering the fact that I let this cabbie see my navel show for free, I should accept that now I have gained some experience in public exposing.

He stopped the car in a deserted area. Of course the vehicles behind us continue to speed past us. Had they known what I am up to, they would have surely slowed down to get their quota of free show. Educated, modern, sober woman pissing on the roadside. Wah! What publicity. I gave him back the chai glass. I kept my chai in front of the dashboard in front of me. I looked nervously all around. He looked at me and at his watch. If you wait some more time Madam and you can piss in broad day light. Oh, he is making fun of me now. Yes, Yes!

Have your fun too. I thought in my mind. I got out of the car. I started walking towards some bushes off the road. Madam! He called me from behind. i got scared and ran back to the car. What happened? Did someone come? No No, he replied… Incase if someone comes what will you do? He asked me? I said I run back to the car. What else? He looked at me again but did not speak back. I was getting frustrated now my stomach will burst any moment now.

What. I shouted at him? Say it. He looked down and said? “How can you run fast with your underwear between your legs.? What? Oh ho.. like that? He was worried I will lose time to pull up my panty in case someone sees me. So what should i do? I will switch off the lights you can remove it here and keep it here in the car. WTF? I was shocked to hear this. I mean.. agreed he saw my navel, but come to think of this, every women’s navel is exposed to a certain extend when they wear saree.

Nothing to be ashamed off, but removing panty in front of a cabbie is a horror story. No. I told him. I am sorry madam, I was just worried about your safety that’s all. Damn it!! Why is this guy like this. Ok, I said. but, in one condition, you will not look this side. No problem madam. Actually my panty was wet and I did not want him to see it.

What am I doing at 1 am sitting inside this cab. I inserted my hand from below the skirt as I lifted my hand to reach for my panty. I realized that in this process I am also lifting my skirt along with my hand. When my hand reached my thighs, even my skirt had also been lifted exposing my thigh. I looked at the driver, he was looking at the other direction. I cannot lift my skirt all the way up to my panty its stupidity. i let the skirt remain lifted till up to my thighs. I undid the knot of my skirt. Loosened it and inserted both my hands and pulled down my panty.

It was such a sloppy action that if the cabbie was looking he could have seen my entire assess clearly. I tried to calm myself down. I started taking long breaths. With some effort i pulled down my panty. I kept the panty back in my bag. But before I could tie the knot of my skirt and pull down the skirt from below my thighs. The cabbie turned towards me and asked if i am done. I screamed. I tried to pull down my skirt hard but in that haste my hand hit the chai glass kept in front of me and the entire chai fell all over my shirt and skirt.

I jumped as a reflex and my panty slid down further revealing the driver most portion of my ass. The cabbie in the confusion and tension automatically brought forward his hand and tried to wipe away the chai from my skirt pulling it further down bringing my vagina in his full view. There was shock in his eyes. The pain of the hot tea touching my stomach and thighs was also unbearable. I went into hysteria and desperately tried to cover my modesty. But it did no good as i stepped on my long skirt thereby pulling it further down.

The driver understood my state of mind and clutched both my arms and told me to stop panicking. It’s alright. I tried to cover my pussy with my hands. He again pressed both my arms with his hands and told me to calm down. I regained my senses. There I was with my shirt lifted and my skirt half way down sitting in front of the unknown person. I stared at him. He opened a small compartment on his car and took out and cloth. He slowly wiped the chai from my navel. I was in a state of shock. I was drained and had no power to react.

He sensed that. He removed my hand covering my vagina and slowly wiped the chai from there too. He then slowly pulled down my skirt and removed it from below my legs. I was numb. He speared my legs apart and wiped the cloth in between my things and also wiped my vagina. I was sitting bottomless in a car now with this driver touching my private parts. Madam he shook me again. I did nothing to cover my vagina. He has seen me naked below my stomach. No need of going to the bushes to pee, Madam, He said.

He stretched his hand and from back seat he pulled out a 1.5 ltr Miranda bottle and gave it to me. I gave him a confused look. He kept the bottle in between my legs and pressed the nozzle part near my peephole. I was ashamed and humiliated, little aroused, can’t deny that, but yes, I peed inside that bottle with him watching me. My mouth was dry and no words came out. It was like watching a movie in mute. He took the bottle from me and closed it with a lid and threw it out of the window. It was 1:20 am and the roads were near deserted.

I sat bottomless in the car too shocked to say anything. He then raised the window near my side. It was a black tinted glass and also raised the one in his side. My skirt was lying in the back seat. He started the car and took it forward. I made no attempt to wear my skirt. I sat with my legs spread in the front seat. He stopped the car in a corner of a road. He then slowly made me lie back on my seat and pulled it back to the maximum extent possible. I was now lying flat on the seat.

He slowly kept his hand on my thighs. I did not have the power to take his hand off. My mind screamed that this was all wrong but i did nothing. He brought his hand and started removing my shirt buttons. He removed all my buttons and spread my shirt apart. I wore a black bra inside. He lifted me gently and removed my shirt. He slowly unhooked my bra from behind and removed that too. I lay stark naked in front of him. He bends forward and started massaging my breasts. I left out a moan.

That’s the first sound that came out of me after a long time. He bend forward and started sucking my nipple this hand started fingering my pussy. My vagina was so wet and it had expanded to accommodate not two but three of his fingers. I felt a shredder through me as his fingers found my G Spot. I shivered and shook in his arms as he sucked my pussy clean. I was in such a state that I least cared about anyone seeing us in this state. There was sound of the zip opening and I realized that I am going to get my first sex.

But the cabbie did not insert his tiger in to me but pulled me towards him. I brought my face close to his penis. I was aroused that I sucked his swollen head of his penis and drank his entire sperm when he cum. He fingered me again till I got multiple orgasms. I lay spent, naked next to the driver.

He dressed but did not let me dress up. He kept caressing me all the way home. When we neared my house. He opened his pant and i again asked for his much needed last blowjob. He kept pressing my breasts. and licking my navel. I finally got the will to get out of the car and go home. I slept peacefully in my house. I did not even ask his name. I don’t care much though. Life is simple Enjoy it. Let’s not complicate it unnecessarily.

—————The End—————

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