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Sex with Indian maid in rainy night

Barish me Indian maid ke sath sex kiya

Hello friends, How are you? My name is Suman. Please don’t get confuse with my name. I am boy. I am 29 years old now. I am married person with 2 kids. My sex life is good but still sometime, I love to spend time reading sex stories on internet or seeing blue film. and also do masturbration. I believe in mantra that as you need eating out ones in a month after got bore eating home cooked food, same is applicable with sex also. When you get bore with same partner. You must do some experiment or can play with your penis as I do. That is the topic of long discussion, lets not discuss this now.

As I told you that I read sex stories, I was reading a story where writer had sex with his Indian maid. It is something like that happened with me too. I still can’t understand that was fortunate or unfortunate. but, I was not in my own control and things happened in their own way.

I had shifted to Mumbai for my Job. I was 24 that time. I was young, Fit and love to do whatever i wanted to do. I got a flat from my office. I had shifted there but I didn’t know to cook. and I also didn’t clean the house. I am little lazy in that department. One of colleague had given me advised to hire full time Indian maid. It was easy to get one in Mumbai only if you are ready to pay price. I thought, spending little extra amount will save money in other way around. Her name is Uma. She must be 35 or above. She was a Maharashtrian lady. She was very fair, nice and cultured and good looking lady. She used to wear silk saree and used to change whenever do cleaning work. She used to come at 7 in morning and used to go when finished all household work in night.

Mumbai is hell in rainy season. This time Mansoon was really good and it was raining since last 2 days. I was going to office but used to come early as I really afraid not to stuck in traffic jam. That day, rain turned into bad shape. It was raining heavily. Streets were water logged. Aunty was worrying since evening that how she will go to home. Unfortunately, I had a late meeting in office. She was calling me but I didn’t picked her call. When i called her back. She said – She wanted to go back to home early but now its late. I said – you can stay in home tonight. I will come little late. It was been 12 in night. I went to bar with friend and was drunk like hell.

My boss dropped me at my house. When I entered in house. Uma aunty had slept. She had settled her bed in hall. I went to kitchen and switched on the light. I saw and I was amazed. Uma aunty was sleeping there. She was only in blouse and petticoat. Her petticoat went up. I could see her sexy things. She was fair and her pussy was visible to me. She had very small bushes. Her pink pussy was looking so beautiful. My dick instantly reacted and was so hard. I was starring her pussy and licking my lips. I went inside room and just had underwear on. I came back and sat aside of her. She was looking superb. Her boobs are rounded and I could see her pointed tits. She was looking like sex goddess.

I was little scared but was feeling horny. I touched her things. It was so smooth. She didn’t had any hair on body and very little bushed around pussy. I was fully hot and due to heavy drunk, was wanted to fuck her now. I had removed my underwear and made my dick free. I was touching her pussy area now and also touched her boobs. I was touching her body with one hand and pressing my dick with another. I was enjoying and lost in that. Suddenly, she awaked, before she said something, I took and hard and given my big dick in her hands. My dick was hard and hot. She moaned aaaaaaa. aaaaa… jjjj… hhhhhh… and without wasting anytime, I unhooked her blouse and started pressing her boobs.

Wow.. friends, What’s the feeling it was? Her boobs were rounded and her tits were very hard. I had taken her tits between my teeth and started cueing those. She was moaning in pleasure. My rapid action made her horny instantly and she started responding me. I made her sleep on floor and came over her. I wanted to get sucked but she said  NO to me. I didn’t force her and bent down on my knees and put my tongue on her pussy. Her pussy was smelling sour and I could smell the pee. I started licking it. She was moaning loud aaahahah ahahah… I was also feeling so hot and not able to control anymore. I opened her legs and put my dick on her wet pussy. Then, I started rubbing my dick with my hand on her clit and then stroke hard. My dick went half inside her pussy.

She said – ooohhhh… your is big. Much bigger than my husband. I could see that her pussy was fucked but it was still tight for my dick. I stroked one more time and my dick was completely inside her pussy. She was moving her butts and responding my strokes. She was moving her ass as faster as she could. I was also increased my speed. She said – Don’t cum inside. I already had cum. I pulled my dick out and pressed my dick and released my entire cum on her boobs. She was moaning in pleasure ahaahha ahahah ahahah ahahah…

We both got up. We went to shower and cleaned each other. Then, She cooked food for me without wearing any clothes and I also ate my dinner in nude. Then, i had taken her to my bedroom and fucked her 3 more time that night. She was happy and satisfied and I was also happy. This Indian maid worked for 2 more years in my house and I fucked her almost every weekend and enjoyed her desi Maharashtrian body.

Friends did you like my Indian maid or not? Do let me know by your comments.

वैधानिक चेतावनी : यह साइट पूर्ण रूप से व्यस्कों के लिये है। यदि आपकी आयु 18 वर्ष या उससे कम है तो कृपया इस साइट को बंद करके बाहर निकल जायें। इस साइट पर प्रकाशित सभी कहानियाँ व तस्वीरे पाठकों के द्वारा भेजी गई हैं। कहानियों में पाठकों के व्यक्तिगत् विचार हो सकते हैं, इन कहानियों व तस्वीरों का सम्पादक अथवा प्रबंधन वर्ग से कोई भी सम्बन्ध नहीं है। आप अगर कुछ अनुभव रखते हों तो मेल के द्वार उसे भेजें