Hi I am prem from jabalpur If u like my story do mail me at [email protected] I am prem and an engineering student this story is about my bhabhi she was newly married and I was having lust at her from when I have seen her in transparent saree where her navel was clearly visible I really like her boobs also and from that day I was feeling something different for her and was just dying to have sex with her and was thinking how can it be true luckily it happen really soon, its my real story with my bhabhi now coming to story….

This incident happened few months back when I have gone to my bhabhi house ,my Bhaiya met me at the door and told me that his friend has met with an accident and he is going their to meet him at the hospital and would come tomorrow and told me to stay at his house as bhabhi was alone and said me to told bhabhi that he was unable to call her up as the situation is really bad I also inform my parents and said that I am staying with bhabhi that night ,lucky my built was same as that of Bhaiya and I was lucky that day their was a power cut at my Bhaiya house and it was evening time and I was also wearing same color t-shirt which me and Bhaiya have bought it together from mall. Now as soon as I entered the house their was very few light inside as only candle was glowing that’s why bhabhi was enable to see my face suddenly bhabhi grab me from behind thinking that I am her husband as their was an power cut , my bhabhi is really sexy with 32 30 38 I really love her ass and have a fantasy of having sex with her. You are reading Sex with bhabhi during power cut story on DesiXB.com

As bhabhi grab me from behind she slowly takes my hand and put into hers vagina over her saree I was unable to control therefore haven’t utter any word and started figuring hers cunt with my finger now my tool gets erect to full size 5.5 inch and 2 inch thick ,then she turn me around at that time I just blow off the candle so that she won’t be able to see my face so she turn me around and started kissing me I suck her upper lips then lower lips and the slowly inserted my tongue and started French kiss she was also cooperating me thinking I am her husband ,we almost kissed for around half hour meanwhile I lift her in my arms and take her to bedroom My lust to her was increasing I started to remove her saree then her blouse and press her breast over the bra and sucks nipples then i removed her bra and started sucking her nipple started kissing and giving her love bites, licked her armpits she was just moaning in pleasure and then her navel her navel was round and deep in size she suddenly said that seems like you are really horny today and started to remove my cloth and as soon as she removes my cloth she grabs my tool and put into his mouth and started licking it up and was licking it like she was having ice cream I was feeling like I was in heaven meanwhile I removed her panty and she was fully shaved pussy I really liked shaved one and started to lick his cunt she pressed my head into his vagina and was moaning in pleasure , inserted my tongue into his vagina and touched her clitoris and she just moans in pleasure ahh keep doing as you are doing it she said as was feeling uncontrollable and fill my mouth with hers cum i just drank it which was really good and said that she really likes it and to suck her more, we switched to 69 position and after few minutes of licking she again cummed up into my mouth and cleaned her up and I was also not controllable and cums into his mouth she drinks my all and cleaned me up and said it seems something different And then i get over her and started sucking her breast then her navel which was round and deep and really love her navel I suck it for few min. You are reading Sex with bhabhi during power cut story on DesiXB.com

then she plead me not to tease her any more and she cant control now and takes my dick it was fully erect at bhabhi was my fantasy and i was really feeing horny she also told me that what happen i am really horny today but didn’t answered ,she started to put my penis in his vagina i was feeling really horny so I started to insert my penis into her vagina which was tight as bhabhi was newly married as it was around 4 months of their marriage and I slowly insert my dick into hers and she said to go slow and said seems like you are really horny today your penis size also gets bigger and inserted half of my penis she screamed with pleasure ahhh baby go slow and then I kissed her few min. and then inserted my full penis inside her and started to fuck her she started screaming with pleasure and ahhh ohhhh yeah ….. Yes.. ymmm , after few min. of fucking she said to go faster I think she was in stage and suddenly lights came up and she saw me fucking her up and suddenly get away from me……….,……………

She suddenly gets over me and said where is Bhaiya what I am doing their and I told him that Bhaiya has gone to met his friend as he has met with an accident , she told me why I haven’t told her , I said as soon I entered the house you grab me up and was trying to tell you ,you started kissing me ( i was fooling her that i was able to tell her ) and as I was horny i was unable to speak up bhabhi Now I told her that I love her and have a lust for her and started kissing her firstly she just stopped me from kissing her and said it is wrong I was do that think which I shouldn’t be thinking that your my hubby but again stated kissing her she was apposing me but as she was horny she also started kissing me and said she can’t control any more and said to insert it into his hole now I came to missionary position and insert the tool inside as it pains her ,she said to get slow I inserted slowly and hen goes wild and fucks her for around 10 min. and switch position to doggy style and she said to go faster and in few min. she cums up and within few min. I also cummed up and put my sperms inside her We just relaxed for few min. and told her that I love her she also told me that she love me, now i turn her up and started kissing her sucks her nipple meanwhile my dick also gets erect to its full size and then lick her nipple and then i moved to her back and kiss her fully then moves down to her ass lick it up and insert a finger into her ass she told me to not do that as she was virgin but don’t listen to hers and puts some oil and started to insert my penis into his ass and she sound mm aaa please go slow i inserted my tool it just gone half she started screaming in pain I just kiss her up and started pressing her boobs she was now relaxed and started to lift her ass , then inserted my tool inside and again she started screaming I kept their for few min. and started banging her now she was also relaxed and was also saying to go fast an fuck and moans with pleasure and I was really fast and few min. after that loads my cum around fucking her for 10 min ,then she told me that she also love me , its was really a nice having sex with you and then we started having sex whenever Bhaiya was not their. mail me your feedback at [email protected] free to mail me up.

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